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CD jacket: back and front

CD jacket - back and front

bee athamirra 8 CD baseline price is $ 12 + flat rate shipping of $ 9 = $ 21 total.
The currency is New Zealand dollars (NZD).

Only one CD per order is available. Please check that there are no errors in your order. I am using the same Paypal facility throughout this website. Any amount less than $21 will go into the donations pool to keep things going. Amounts greater than the baseline price are appreciated and contribute to production. At least $21 and your delivery details is for a bee athamirra 8 CD.

By placing this order you agree
1. that this CD is for personal use only. The purpose of this statement is to comply with customs requirement for international transactions and to respect copyright.
2. to be solely responsible for any cost or obligation to comply with your own country's legal requirements.
3. to accept all risks of delivery and any associated costs.
4. that there is no refund and no replacement, for any reason. The purpose of this statement is to be clear that I cannot be held responsible for the consequences of circumstances beyond my control.
5. that the information you supply is only for the purpose of delivery of a bee athamirra 8 CD. Your privacy is important. Please feel free to contact me through the email address below if you need to.

If you have doubts then do not place an order.

To keep things as simple as possible, and hopefully as error free as possible, please submit your delivery name and address as it should appear on the address label (be sure to include all necessary postal/zip codes and your country if not New Zealand). Take care and double check before you submit:

Your delivery details:

Your order code:

Open the Paypal button and enter your order code in the description and your amount of at least $21 (NZD). The order code links your delivery details with your payment and is essential. No order code means that the payment will be accepted fully and solely as a donation.


Baseline is the bare minimum price I can offer to cover the costs of making a bee athamirra 8 CD available. It does not take into account the costs of production of the music itself. This method of order is designed to allow you to give more than this price if you feel the music is worth more to you and perhaps you would like more to come. It grows on you.

1/40th income goes to charity
email: busking@athamirramusic.com