Original easylistening music

catalogue - descriptions of samples ready to play


Happy, uplifting beat with clear male vocal using beach analogy to show freedom and security in love in daily living. Energetic and positive pop dance.

Blue Smoke Turned Black

Quiet, sad and defiant strength in survival of effects of family violence, bullying, child abuse with endurance. Mid-tempo country dark drama. Story of relateable serious insightful courage.

yellow flower for new day
New Day Today

Positive meditative singalong mantra for a clean, fresh start. Slow pop background with calm, easy female vocals. Steady beat with relaxing, centering, calming, strengthening mood.

light in fog
Waiting All Alone

Strength in deep hopeful spiritual journey from unhealthy to healthy relationships using solitude. Dramatic, primal celtic moody inspiration. Strong female vocal building destiny of genuine love.

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