Value of expression and communication

catalogue - descriptions of samples ready to play

waves for you add to me
You Add to Me

Reminder of real worth of a relationship despite struggles. Easylistening singalong pop, country, folk. Midtempo dance and singalong. Catchy female lead and backing vocals.

candle in ritual
Be Sure to Cry

Strength in grief by mourning through ritual and sharing and prayer. Soft anthem for the living in the face of death. Guitar and soothing male vocal folk. Quiet , ambient lounge background. Calm and in good company. Acoustic

chaos to communicate
I Can Tell

Communication the key to finding order and self-awareness. Mellow folk, country, soft rock with moving harmonica solo. Gentle, catchy dance rhythmn. Soothing male vocal. Cruisy singalong.

broken mirror
Broken Mirrors All Around

Social conscience, consequence of ignoring and judging the vulnerable and the helpless. Haunting, sad, deep, soft rock guitar and heartfelt, emphatic male vocal. Acoustic.

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