Acoustic life

Simple and real lyric videos with raw emotion

catalogue - descriptions of samples ready to play
Raw Life video series

Three lullabies for adults with piano, harmonica, vocal. Each late night lullaby is a soothingly calm help for insomnia.

fuschia for living
Rolling into a New Moon

Hopeful, primal philosophy of life stages and differences each new moon brings with rolling piano and raw, solitary vocal. Acoustic piano playing a hunting dance of the fantail. Colours of real flowers.

that child
Shadows of Happiness

Ownership of journey from childhood trials to adult acceptance and happiness. Touching, haunting harmonica with raw solitary vocal. Acoustic

evening for bay gone by
Day Gone By

Enjoy natural rhythmns of day and night and celebrate life with gratitude and peace not anger and war. Simple, spooky vocal with whistle. Positive and hopeful inspiration. Acoustic

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