Feel the link between the natural world and the human condition

catalogue - descriptions of samples ready to play

Fall into Fate

Fresh start/next level in love relationship after initial need to impress/self-protect. Inviting and easy listening singalong pop. Catchy and entrancing with female vocals. Slow dance.

Single Tear

Calm assertion of damage on a relationship of unsuppressed anger that brings vocal violence. Strong and emotional self respect. R&B soul in heartfelt male vocal.

boat drawn in pen
Blood River

Humanity is family. Social conscience of common origin. Folk country, soft rock, slow, deep and heartfelt easy listening. Poetic river analogy. Punchy strong male vocal. Serious singalong anthem.

travelling spider
My Anchor at Your Heart

"Thinking of you and what you mean to me". Dreamy intangible nature building to big expansive dramatic horizons then returning to daydream state. Grounded quickening beating heart. Soul pop drama with clear heartfelt male vocal. Travelling spider analogy.

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