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Happy, uplifting beat with clear male vocal using beach analogy to show freedom and security in love in daily living. Energetic and positive pop dance.


Blue Smoke Turned Black

Quiet, sad and defiant strength in survival of effects of family violence, bullying, child abuse with endurance. Mid-tempo country dark drama. Story of relateable serious insightful courage.

yellow flower for new day

New Day Today

Positive meditative singalong mantra for a clean, fresh start. Slow pop background with calm, easy female vocals. Steady beat with relaxing, centering, calming, strengthening mood.

fog at the pass

Waiting All Alone

Strength in deep hopeful spiritual journey from unhealthy to healthy relationships using solitude. Dramatic, primal celtic moody inspiration. Strong female vocal building destiny of genuine love.


Fall into Fate

Fresh start/next level in love relationship after initial need to impress/self-protect. Inviting and easy listening singalong pop. Catchy and entrancing with female vocals. Slow dance.


Single Tear

Calm assertion of damage on a relationship of unsuppressed anger that brings vocal violence. Strong and emotional self respect. R&B soul in heartfelt male vocal.

boat drawn in pen

Blood River

Humanity is family. Social conscience of common origin. Folk country, soft rock, slow, deep and heartfelt easy listening. Poetic river analogy. Punchy strong male vocal. Serious singalong anthem.

travelling spider

My Anchor at Your Heart

"Thinking of you and what you mean to me". Dreamy intangible nature building to big expansive dramatic horizons then returning to daydream state. Grounded quickening beating heart. Soul pop drama with clear heartfelt male vocal. Travelling spider analogy.

waves for you add to me

You Add to Me

Reminder of real worth of a relationship despite struggles. Easylistening singalong pop, country, folk. Midtempo dance and singalong. Catchy female lead and backing vocals.

candle in ritual

Be Sure to Cry

Strength in grief by mourning through ritual and sharing and prayer. Soft anthem for the living in the face of death. Guitar and soothing male vocal folk. Quiet , ambient lounge background. Calm and in good company. Acoustic

chaos to communicate

I Can Tell

Communication the key to finding order and self-awareness. Mellow folk, country, soft rock with moving harmonica solo. Gentle, catchy dance rhythmn. Soothing male vocal. Cruisy singalong.

broken mirror

Broken Mirrors All Around

Social conscience, consequence of ignoring and judging the vulnerable and the helpless. Haunting, sad, deep, soft rock guitar and heartfelt, emphatic male vocal. Acoustic.


Colour of Rain

Male vocal call warning against sexual abuse of children. Celtic battle drums show fighting spirit of exposed truth. Balance of fragility and vulnerability with a fighting spirit.


My Mountain

Road trip singalong. Catchy, moody blues about beginnings and endings, phases and stages, old and new, milestones and transformations of travelling through life. Gutsy philosophy with building and emotional dynamics with saxophone. My Mountain is a literal and figurative symbol of full living before death and, hopefully, after death.

Raw Life video series

Three lullabies for adults with piano, harmonica and vocal. Each late night lullaby is a soothingly calm help for insomnia.

fuschia for living

Rolling into a New Moon

Hopeful, primal philosophy of life stages and differences each new moon brings with rolling piano and raw, solitary vocal. Acoustic piano plays a hunting dance of the fantail. Colours of real flowers.

that child

Shadows of Happiness

Ownership of journey from childhood trials to adult acceptance and happiness. Touching, haunting harmonica with raw solitary vocal. Acoustic

moon in the evening

Day Gone By

Enjoy natural rhythmns of day and night and celebrate life with gratitude and peace not anger and war. Simple, spooky vocal with whistle. Positive and hopeful inspiration. Acoustic

This catalogue is a sample selection of athamirra music lyrics and songs to give you an idea of the possibilities of expression of some of my lyrics. Projects are ongoing. For example, 2019 UK Songwriting Contest Result, Five-Star Rating Commended Entry for "At Autumn's End" in the lyrics only category. Not shabby. At the time of writing, Interim Result for "My Mountain": Five-Star Rating Semi-finalist. Just saying. My lyrics are worth taking a look at for your project.

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