Words to lyrics

Time to get started writing your own lyrics and songs

!!! Warning - side-effects

might possibly include richer life with greater self-awareness, sense of belonging, peace and calm.

through the door and inside where your words work

You've got a story to tell, a message to pass on, feelings and thoughts that need music to express the emotions around an idea or a happening.

But how do you go from wanting to write a song to actually writing? Are you looking for more personal tuition to just get started? Are you stuck on the words? Whether you already have the instrumentals or not, do you still need the words? Or do you have too many words to make lyrics that make music?

My goal is to show you how to find the words to find the lyrics. Your words not mine - your lyrics not mine - your story not mine. Any final product is your work and not mine. It is up to you and not me.

So I offer to you help in a consulting role. If at any time either of us need to quit talking and start doing then we quit talking and start doing - making our own songs. This is not a co-writing situation. I offer help to get you started and that is all. There are no guarantees and no obligations.

If you are happy with the process then celebrate and donate. Email me and tell me what you need. And no, I will not inundate you with emails grooming you to buy something. You get to choose the worth of my contribution through donations at this site.

If you're not keen on email then friend @athamirra on facebook and we can message or chat - up to you.

Join the Gentle Revolution, turn the music market around and contibute to the production of our kind of music.